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Please look through the frequently asked questions below to see if your problem has already been answered. If it hasn't, please feel free to email us on:


We will answer your query as quickly as possible.



I've forgotten my pin number.  The original pin number is 1234.  If you have altered the pin number please use 7189. You can then alter the pin number again in "Parental Controls".

When I run your software I get an error message.  The most likely cause for this is that a Microsoft program called "DirectX" is not on your computer.   It is normally supplied on new computers but it may have become corrupted or damaged.  It is easy to put it back onto your computer.  Simply download it using this link:

Keystone DirectX.msi
Microsoft Installer [619.5 KB]

Once it has downloaded, double-click on it and follow the instructions. 


If our product still does not run properly, please email us using  Please state the program that you are having an issue with and what the error code says.


How do we install DirectX on our network?  Since the DirectX plugin required to run our software is a .exe file, not a .msi file, it will not install via Group Policy.  In order to solve this issue, Keystone Education has converted the .exe provided by Microsoft into a .msi file.  To download it, please click the link below:

Keystone DirectX.msi
Microsoft Installer [619.5 KB]

If the above file does not install successfully, an alternative solution to this issue is to use System Center Configuration Manager to run the .exe file silently. As DirectX is a prerequisite of our software it should be set as such in SCCM, meaning that any machine the software is deployed to will automatically set up DirectX first.


SCCM needs to know whether the DirectX plugin has already been installed.  When the software runs it will give an error message, saying which file from DirectX it first fails to find, probably d3dx9_31.dll.  You should be able to get your SCCM to look for this file and, due to its absence, the program will then be installed, with the plugin, across the network. 


My mouse pointer is flickering. Can it be stopped? We have noticed that on some old computers the mouse pointer does flicker. We believe that this is due to an issue between n-vidia graphic cards and DirectX. As such, there is nothing we can do to stop the mouse flickering. However, all Keystone Education software can be used without the mouse by using the cursor keys to navigate around the screen, and the return key to execute actions. There is a hidden feature within all of our software which allows the mouse pointer to be disabled. On the title page of all of our software, if the £ button is pressed, you are given the option to turn off the mouse. This only needs to be done once and the mouse will be turned off on all Keystone Education software. It can, of course, be turned on again using the £ button again.


The Times Tables Pupil Disk School Edition takes a long time to save and exit. Can it be speeded up? The Times Tables Pupil Disk School Edition saves a huge amount of information on each of the potential 8000 users. On old networks, this can result in a very slow save routine. However, this process can be speeded up by limiting the number of groups that are saved. This can be achieved by using a hidden feature. If the % key is pressed on the title page, the number of groups can be specified. If you are only using four groups you can stipulate that only these are saved, thus increasing the speed of the save routine.


When I double click on the icon on my desktop I get a message saying "The program can't start because d3dx9_31.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." What's gone wrong? This problem has been caused because DirectX has not been installed properly. Full instructions on how to load DirectX are on the disk you purchased. Alternatively, click here for full loading instructions. As soon as DirectX is correctly installed the software should work - there is no need to reinstall the software.


When I run the home edition of the Times Table Memory Machine I get an error message saying "Runtime Error 3502 - could not load music line 3168". What's the problem? This problem is caused because the computer cannot find a way to play the sound on your system. Plugging in earphones or speakers will solve it.

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