The Mental Maths Puzzles Compendium - It’s what they have in their heads that counts!

The Mental Maths Puzzles Compendium covers a wide range of over 40 different mental maths skills, from simple skills such as doubling and halving, right up to challenging skills such as multiplying by 49! Each of the 40 skills has 12 or more puzzles you can use with your child. 

All of the puzzles have been designed by an outstanding leading maths teacher who really knows how to motivate children – no boring worksheets here! Their cartoon style is fun for both boys and girls. The puzzles are perfect for you to do with your child, making learning a fun, shared activity.

There’s a wide variety of puzzles from cross numbers to dot-to-dots, mazes, trails, board games and even colour by numbers. What child doesn’t LOVE doing dot-to-dots and colouring? And what parent doesn’t LOVE to see their child practising maths skills and actually enjoying it?! Just make sure you have plenty of puzzles printed out because your child will be begging for more! 

All of the puzzles are available to download as easily printable pdf files for the bargain price of only £10. The whole compendium has over 500 puzzles – that’s less than 2p each! 

We are so confident that you will like the puzzles that we have even given you some free ones to download - just click on the links below...

For a full list of the mental maths topics that are covered in the Mental Maths Puzzles Compendium, please download the document below.

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