The Worded Problems Puzzles Compendium - SATs revision without the repetition!

The Worded Problems Puzzles Compendium is the perfect way to engage your children in worded problems throughout the school, ensuring they are ultimately prepared for the SATs tests, but without the tedium of endless past papers!

The Worded Problems Puzzles Compendium contains over 40 puzzles based around famous people and events from British history. Your children will be tasked with solving problems from a variety of mathematical areas, such as:

converting units 
fence problems* 
negative numbers 
stacks of boxes problems* 

*please click on the document below for more details.

The Worded Problems Puzzles Compendium has been created in easy to print, pdf format and costs only £50 for over forty puzzles. The price includes a site licence, allowing you to use the Worded Problems Puzzles Compendium throughout your school. The questions have all been designed by an outstanding, award-winning Year Six teacher who understands what makes children motivated learners.

What child wouldn’t love to help Brunel launch SS Great Eastern, plan a feast for Henry VIII or mend a Spitfire’s canopy whilst they practise their worded problem skills?!  


But how are these puzzles going to help your children pass their SATs tests? Simple – all of the puzzles have been designed to mirror the question types that appear on SATs papers, but because they have 3 levels of differentiation, you can use them throughout Key Stage 2, rather than just focus on revision in Year Six… But since there are over 40 different puzzles you will still have plenty left for revision time too!

Because all of the puzzles in the Worded Problems Puzzles Compendium have distinct answers, the children will be desperate to solve them. This is amazing for creating independent learners – if they haven’t found the answer they will want to find their own mistakes so that they can complete the puzzle! And this, of course, makes them ideal for HOMEWORK THAT MOTIVATES your Year Sixes...  Much more interesting than contextless practice books or old SATs papers!

We are so confident that you will like the puzzles that we have even given you some FREE ONES to download - just click on the documents below...

Please remember! Each full puzzle in the download has at least two different levels of differentiation - the examples only have one of each level.


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