The Addition and Subtraction Whodunnit Puzzles - Get your children smitten with written methods!

Are you looking for ways to make written methods more interesting for your children? Well look no further! Why not use our Addition and Subtraction Whodunnit Puzzles?! 

Similar in style to our hugely popular Puzzle Compendium series, the Addition and Subtraction Whodunnit Puzzles challenge your children to work out which of the dastardly pirates has committed a despicable crime! The children have to use their written methods to solve problems, eliminating one suspect at a time until they have unmasked the perpetrator.

The Addition and Subtraction Whodunnit Puzzles are differentiated at five levels WITHIN each of the challenges. This means that if your children are not all at the same level you can have one group of children working on addition of three-digit numbers without carrying whilst the high-flyers are doing addition of numbers with varying numbers of decimal places… Yet all of them are solving the same puzzle!  Just look at the three examples of puzzles below; they look identical, but the maths is at entirely different levels! 

Our cartoon style puzzles are created by an award-winning teacher who knows exactly what makes children tick… What children don’t love cartoons and solving puzzles? And what teacher doesn’t love motivated children using colourful, engaging resources that require NO MARKING - every puzzle has a solution so if the child gets the answer they got the questions right! 


The Addition and Subtraction Whodunnit Puzzles is supplied in easy to print pdf format, and a site licence is provided allowing you to use it throughout your school...  All this for only £50!

Please click the button below to download our information sheet which gives you much greater detail on the workings of the Addition and Subtraction Whodunnit Puzzles.

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Please remember! Each full puzzle in the Addition and Subtraction Whodunnits has five different levels of differentiation - the examples only have one of each level.


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