Percival's Essential Spellings - Say goodbye to pepul, cud and sevun!

Is your child struggling to learn the spellings they are set by their school? Are you looking for a way to help them that you can enjoy together? Why not try Percival's Essential Spellings?  Suddenly, "sevun" becomes... 

..."nite" becomes:

...and "nu" becomes:

Percival's Essential Spellings takes over 100 of the most vital high-frequency words and gives your child ways to remember them using: 

  • Mnemonics 
  • Chants 
  • Animations 
  • Hand and body movements

Percival's Essential Spellings is ideal for children who are finding the traditional "look, cover, write, check" and "synthetic phonics" approaches that are used in schools ineffective. It has been specifically designed to help children who have dyslexia, including the ability to alter the colour of the screen and wording to better suit their needs for colour contrasts, caused by the often linked condition of "visual stress".


Developed by a leading primary school teacher, and outstanding Special Needs Assistant, Percival's Essential Spellings is used in schools throughout the country to teach Key Stage One, Key Stage Two and secondary school pupils with spelling difficulties.

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