Times Tables Homework Board Games - Make your children desperate to do their homework!

Are you looking for a new way to motivate your children to learn their times tables? Would you like a new resource to enliven your children’s homework? If you would, why not take a look at our fabulous product, the Times Tables Homework Board Games

The idea is simple. For their homework, your children are set five puzzles which they use their times tables skills to solve. Once they have found the correct answer, which might be something like an empty ink bottle, they cut its picture out and stick it on their collection sheet…

…when the children have completed the five puzzles they bring their collection sheets to school and then compete against each other in a board game. But here is the clever bit! If they got the answers to the puzzles correct then they have items they will need to play the game – the empty ink bottle, for example, is to collect the squid’s ink so they can get past him. If they did their homework carefully they get straight past but if they got the wrong item they miss a turn!  

There are three different board games to play, each with five puzzles that need completing, and everything is packed with colourful, cartoon style pictures to motivate your children. The puzzles can be completed using any times table so you can really differentiate between the children in your class, yet as the puzzles look identical the children all feel included. 

But what about when the children have played the games? Aren’t they finished with? Not at all! The games can then be used to practise times tables using the cards we provide, so the children can enjoy playing the games for years to come.  

All of the puzzles and boards are provided in easy to print pdf format, and you can use normal classroom counters – the only preparation you need to do is to print out and laminate the boards.  The Times Tables Homework Board Games come with a site licence, so you can use them wherever best suits your school.

Like the look of what you have seen, but need more information? Well, why not try the Times Tables Homework Board Games for yourself? Or better still, get your children to have a go! Click on the links below and you can download five puzzles, plus a sample board game and collection card to see whether the Times Tables Homework Board Game is right for your school.  Please remember though that in the full product each of the puzzles is available for EVERY times table - there is only one of each times table below.

The "Escape the Lagoon" board is designed to be printed on A3 paper.

Please follow the link below, which will take you to our shop on the TES (Times Educational Supplement) website.  Here you will be able to download all of our products, including the  Times Tables Homework Board Games.