Printable Written Methods Board Games - help your child do their best in the Arithmetic Test!

Would you like to be able to have fun with your child, playing exciting board games, whilst they practise their written methods? Would you like to make sure they don't become a switched off, demotivated learner because they have to spend ages doing tedious sheets full of monotonous, monochrome “sums”? If so, why not try our Printable Written Methods Board Games!

The Printable Written Methods Board Games are a collection of ten games that you can play with your child whilst practising their written methods. Which games would your child like? 

Sumo Slam? Where the wrestlers push their opponents off the board! 

Run Rabbit Run? Get your bunnies back to the burrow before your opponents! 

Stuck in the Mud? Help the hippos and elephants play this playground classic!

Who's the Alien? It's like "Guess Who", but with aliens!

The games can be played with 21 different question types - just pick a level that is appropriate for your child's current level of learning.  As they progress, use different questions to keep them challenged and engaged.

The different types of question cards range from 3-digit addition with no carrying right up to 3-digit by 2-digit division with remainders - all of the building blocks that your child will need to master the Arithmetic Test for years to come. Click the button below to find out everything that is covered!

How much do these innovative board games cost? Well, that is the best bit! For a single user licence, the cost is ONLY £10! That means each board game costs £1!


Would you like to try the games out with your child before you buy them?  If so, click on the two buttons below, where you will find COMPLETELY FREE SAMPLES!

The samples only include one example set of question cards, but the full product contains all 21 different types.  

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