THE GALACTIC POLICE NEED YOUR CHILD’S TIMES TABLES SKILLS!  This alien, and eleven of his diabolical accomplices, are causing chaos throughout the Galaxy in our exciting new product, the TIMES TABLES SPACE ADVENTURE. There are 12 crimes that need investigating, and your child will use their times tables skills to eliminate the suspects until the perpetrator is unmasked.

Each of the 12 puzzles consists of three different tasks, and each task can be completed using one of four times tables - no matter which times table your child needs to work on, there will be a puzzle that is perfect for them!

The puzzles have all been designed by an outstanding maths teacher who has over 20 years of experience teaching primary school children. All twelve of the Times Tables Space Adventure puzzles are available to download as easily printable pdf files for the bargain price of only £10

We are so confident that you will love our Times Tables Space Adventure that we have even given you two entire puzzles to download completely free - just click on the documents below...

 Please remember though that these examples only show the 3 and 12 times table versions of the puzzles.  The full puzzles can be completed using one of four different times tables.


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