The Worded Problems Whodunnit Puzzles - Help your child love worded problems!

Did you know that typically, in the Maths SATs at Key Stage 2, worded problems make up roughly 40% of the questions in the reasoning papers? Would you like to help your child to prepare for the SATs without endless practising of tedious past SATs papers? Are you looking for a NEW way to ensure that your child is prepared for this key area of learning THROUGHOUT KEY STAGE 2?  If you are, we are proud to introduce a systematic, innovative and fun approach to teaching worded problems:  The Worded Problems Whodunnit Puzzles.

Your child will be set the challenge of solving mysteries in the land of the pharaohs – Ancient Egypt. They will need to use their worded problem-solving skills to eliminate suspects until they work out which of the dastardly criminals committed a crime. Your child will love having a challenge to complete, and solving problems in an exciting setting, rather than just some random contextless questions that they don’t care about! Motivation will no longer be a problem – your child will love solving the puzzles and unmasking the criminals.

Designed by an outstanding maths teacher who teaches throughout Key Stage 2, the Worded Problems Whodunnit Puzzles systematically ensure your child has the problem-solving skills they need. We have extensively analysed previous tests to ensure the questions are perfect for preparing your child for the challenge of SATs… Not by revision of dull past papers, or spending SIX YEARS teaching to the test as some publishers would have them do, but by completing exciting challenges with a smile on their face!

All the puzzles are prepared with at least THREE LEVELS OF DIFFERENTIATION, so regardless of your child’s calculation ability you can ensure they have access to worded problems until their calculation skills catch-up...

There are 42 exciting puzzles in the compendium, all provided in easy to print PDF format, meaning that you can use the puzzles throughout your child's Key Stage 2 schooling, for ONLY £10.

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Please remember! Each full puzzle in the Whodunnits can be completed using any of four different levels of differentiation.  The examples only have one of each level.


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