Printable Times Tables Board Games - Boredom is no longer a problem!

Are you looking to find new ways to motivate your child to learn their times tables? Would you like to be able to have fun with your child, playing exciting board games, whilst they learn the times tables? Then why not try our PRINTABLE TIMES TABLES BOARD GAMES!

With cartoon style graphics, the board games are designed to appeal to children of all ages, with quick-fire action to keep everyone involved. All of the games can be used with any times table, so you can use them for years as your child masters all of the tables.

The board games are designed to be easy to produce - all of the counters and question cards are provided and can be laminated to create long-lasting games.

There are 10 board games, for a bargain £10, including: 

Battering Rams – Don’t make a mistake or your ram will get pushed backwards by your opponent. 

Alien Football – Which team will you be supporting? The Reds or the Blues? 

Escape the Mummy – Work as a team to make sure all of the players get out of the crypt before the mummy blocks you off! 

Piggy Back – Get your questions right and see if you can hitch a lift on the back of one of your teammates!

We are so certain that you will love our PRINTABLE TIMES TABLES BOARD GAMES that we have two samples for you to download and try with your child.  Just click on the buttons below...

We've given you a sample of the 8 times table cards.  Cards for all of the times tables are provided in the full download.  

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