The Algebra and Inverses Puzzles Compendium - Give your child the best preparation to face the unknown!

Algebra and inverses have never been more important in the primary maths curriculum… In fact, 14 marks in the 2022 Maths SATs required these very skills.  Our latest product, the Algebra and Inverses Puzzles Compendium will ensure that your child is ready to face the unknown!

Your child will be transformed into the role of an MI8 agent, where they will have to use their algebra and inverse skills to thwart the operatives of ACE – Associated Criminal Enterprises! This worldwide group of criminals is hell-bent on causing chaos – your child will need to stop them from committing many heinous crimes such as kidnapping the Prime Minister, and stealing one of the Angel of the North’s wings! However, prevention is better than cure so your child will also be involved in tracking down ACE agents across the globe and hacking their technology such as spy satellites and Sat Navs! 

The Algebra and Inverses Puzzles Compendium is packed with high-quality resources, designed by an award-winning teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience. Your child will love the colourful, cartoon images and the challenge of completing a task, rather than just contextless worksheets. And they will also become independent learners because the ANSWERS ARE ON THE SHEET. Your child will know instantly if they are getting the work right, and will be able to self-correct or ask for help… What a way to develop your child into an independent, self-confident learner!

There are over 300 puzzles in the download, incorporating 2 to 4 levels of differentiation, so no matter what your child's calculation skills are like, they will find problems that are the correct level. The puzzles cover subjects as diverse as “I’m thinking of a number” problems, number machines, balanced scales, creating formulae and even the type where shapes are assigned numbers - just like question 21 in paper B of the 2018 maths SATs.  All the puzzles are provided as easy-to-print pdf files so you can use them whenever you like, and in whatever order.

For a full list of the topics covered by the Algebra and Inverses Puzzles Compendium, please click on the link below.

We are so confident that you will like the puzzles that we have even given you some FREE ONES to download - just click on the documents below...

Please remember! Each full puzzle in the download has at least two different levels of differentiation - the examples only have one of each level.


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