The Times Tables Whodunnit Puzzles - Learning tables and fun all rolled into one!

Are you looking for a different way to motivate your child to learn their tables? Would you like to find an exciting new resource that will encourage your child to master this key area of learning? Well, why not try our Times Tables Whodunnit Puzzles?!

Set in the “Old West”, your child completes three tasks in order to eliminate suspects from their “Wanted Poster”. Then they can work out which of the colourful characters committed a crime. Who was it? Missy O’Malley?! Texas Thompson?! Pancho El Bandido?!

There are twelve crimes to crack, and once your child has solved several of them they can find out who the biggest baddy or craftiest criminal in the “Old West” is!  All they need to do is cut out the guilty party from each wanted poster and stick them on the criminal sheet.  You can choose whether your child has to complete 4, 6 or 12 puzzles - fabulous for flexible learning.

Each of the puzzles can be solved using one of four times tables. This means that you can decide how you want to use the puzzles. Perhaps you need them to revise the sixes, sevens and eights in Year Four, or you want to boost your child on their twos, fives and tens… No problem, the choice is yours!

Similar in style to our hugely popular Times Tables Puzzles Compendium, which is used in schools the length and breadth of the country, the puzzles have all been devised by an outstanding leading maths teacher who really knows how to motivate children. They are colourful and packed full of cartoons to make sure your child is really motivated to learn their tables… and since there is an answer to each puzzle, if they get the right answer, they must have got their tables correct!  


Provided in easy to print PDF format, there are 12 challenges in the Whodunnits, meaning that you can use the puzzles for years...  In fact, any time you want your child to enjoy practising their tables!

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Please remember! Each full puzzle in the Whodunnits can be completed using any of four different times tables.  The examples only have one of each times table.


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